Coalition Mission

The Coalition’s mission is to improve the coding infrastructure necessary to support billing for pharmacists’ professional services.

Coalition Objectives

    1. Create a vision for the infrastructure necessary to support billing for pharmacists’ services.

a) Develop consensus within pharmacy for the infrastructure vision.

b) Provide guidance on the development of pharmacist support tools.

    1. Integrate pharmacy into national organizations, systems, and coding nomenclature to support professional health care services documentation and claims transactions used by other health care providers, health care facilities and health plans.

a. Participate in the Health Care Professionals Advisory Committee of the American Medical Association’s CPT Editorial Panel.

b. Advance pharmacy’s importance as a provider of services to help improve therapeutic outcomes.

  1. Provide the national leadership necessary to position and secure pharmacy’s place in the X12 environment.
    1. Provide oversight for the X12N 837 Pharmacy Companion Guide, including defining a process and procedures for updating the Guide.
    2. Evaluate the X12N 837 Pharmacy Companion Guide on a recurring basis to identify gaps in the existing standard (including code sets), suggesting improvements to meet the business needs of pharmacy, and incorporating updates into the Guide. (Identified improvements may require advancement through the HIPAA-approved standards maintenance process prior to incorporation.)
    3. Communicate with the appropriate Designated Standard Maintenance Organizations (DSMOs) and/or other deemed bodies regarding the X12N 837 Pharmacy Companion Guide revisions and modifications recommended by the Coalition.