Why not to Stop Online Trade and Delivery?

Delivery of any item is a modern trend in any area of business. They deliver everything from household appliances to food. The market requires delivery due to new consumer habits. It is becoming the norm in different businesses. About twenty years later, our children will be surprised that their parents and grandparents lived at a time when something could not be ordered on the Internet.

Let’s look at the statistics of online shopping in the United States: Americans from 35 to 54 years old make 47% of all online purchases, the next group is millennials – they make up 18.6% of the total number of online shoppers. According to experts, in about 5 to 10 years, people from the age group of 35-47 will need two or more kinds of drugs per year. They are already ready-made users of Online Pharmacy.Why not to Stop Online Trade and Delivery_

Drug delivery in Europe and the United States is already permitted in one form or another. In Europe, it is a salvation for consumers and is in great demand, because there are almost no round-the-clock pharmacies, the rest rarely work after 16 pm – 17 pm.

Online delivery was not invented long ago. It penetrated into dozens of spheres and everywhere turned out to be a separate phenomenon, which over time acquired its own regulations. The value proposition in the view of the business, seems breakthrough, but, from the point of view of the customer, this still continues to be an additional service with inaccuracies.

Delivery, in any field, is characterized by such nuances as logistics, the need for the custotmer to adapt to the time of courier’s arrival, the lack of live communication with the seller, consultant, waiter, pharmacist. The delivery of drugs specifically is one more new pharmacy service that not every consumer will use.

When drug delivery may be appropriate from the customer point of view? When it comes to expensive drugs that are not found in the nearest pharmacy, or when a large order of drugs is formed, for example, when purchasing a first-aid kit for a vacation. It looks like conventional drugstores will have to compete with the online websites in terms of assortment and price.

There are many factors that make delivery safe for conventional drugstores, it is a real value for the consumer. It is truly vital for remote states, where the availability of drugs is extremely low.

In analizers’ opinion, the delivery of medications steadily goest into the pharmaceutical market and occupy its niche among customers. At the same time, pharmacies will work as they worked before, with a slight adjustment for the assortment strategy. Inefficient players will leave the market. This will happen not because of delivery, but because of the inefficiency of the established business processes. This will happen in any case, whether delivery will be allowed or not.

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